Video series: It may seem impossible. Until it’s done.

If there’s one thing activists around the world know, it’s that when it comes to real change, it may seem impossible… until it’s done. The resistance that nuclear armed states and their endorsers are putting up agains the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is not new.  But it can certainly be overcome. We have before. This four part video series by Swedish ICAN partners IKFF and SLMK shows how the debate around banning weapons of mass destruction has played in Sweden over the years, and what we can all learn from that.

Part 1

Emma Rosengren,  a PhD Student in International Relations at Stockholm University, talks about how Sweden’s national program for developing nuclear weapons that was discontinued last minute and the role played by Swedish activists who resisted the bomb.


Part 2

Thomas Jonter, a  Professor of International Relations at Stockholm University, talks about the successes of  the Non-Proliferation Treaty.


Part 3

Jens Petersson, Senior disarmament advisor at the Swedish UN association, tells the story behind how Sweden joined the ban on land mines.


Part 4
Anna Ek, who was the Chairperson of the Swedish peace & arbitration society (2007- 2016) talks about  how Sweden came to join the ban on cluster bombs.


Video Credits: The awesome folks over at IKFF Sweden & IPPNW Sweden!