Writing competition

As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword – and nuclear weapons. Why not hold a writing competition focused on nuclear weapons abolition? People could submit poems, essays or stories. You could publish the winning entries online or in a booklet.


  • Establish guidelines: Who can enter? What kinds of entries are accepted, e.g. poems, essays, fiction? Is there a word limit? Is there a topic?
  • Publicize the competition: Set a deadline for entries, and create flyers to promote it. Advertise the competition in your school newsletter. Encourage your friends to contribute.
  • Announce the winners: Arrange for a panel to judge the competition. This might include your school principal, your local member of parliament or an author.
  • Publish the winning entries: Arrange for the winning entries to be published in your school newsletter. And why not make them available online for the world to read?


Sample topics
  • I can imagine a world without nuclear weapons. Can you?
  • The abolition of nuclear weapons is the most urgent challenge of today.
  • Nuclear weapons are the worst kind of weapons. They must be abolished now.


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