Opinion poll

Surveys can provide us with useful information about people’s opinions and their level of knowledge. You could conduct a survey to find out what other students at your school, or people in the wider community, think and know about nuclear weapons. Analyse your results and share what you discover! This could form the basis of a public education campaign.


  • Design your survey based on what you hope to learn.
  • Distribute your survey along with instructions for returning it to you once completed.
  • Compile the survey results in a spreadsheet.
  • Analyse the results and pick out statistics that people will find interesting.
  • Write a report on your findings, and consider sending it to your local paper.


Sample survey

Knowledge (true/false)

  1. Nuclear weapons are routinely used in warfare.
  2. Most countries that have made nuclear weapons have now given them up.
  3. The use of nuclear weapons is considered illegal under international law.
  4. The number of nuclear weapons worldwide is in the tens of thousands.
  5. Several dozen countries currently possess nuclear weapons.
  6. Most nuclear weapons are in the arsenals of Russia and the United States.
  7. There are more nuclear weapons today than at the height of the cold war.


Opinion (agree/disagree)

  • All nuclear weapons should be dismantled without further delay.
  • Nuclear weapons pose a serious threat to global security and human survival.
  • Nuclear weapons are worse than all other types of weapons.
  • The risk of nuclear war is higher today than at any other time.
  • Nuclear weapons help to keep the peace so long as they’re in the right hands.
  • It’s likely that nuclear weapons will be eliminated in coming decades.
  • Eliminating nuclear weapons is more important than curbing climate change.

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