Meet your mayor

City mayors are playing an active role in the global campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. More than 5000 mayors from 150 nations are part of Mayors for Peace – a network dedicated to preventing nuclear weapons use by eliminating them without further delay. It’s led by the mayor of Hiroshima. To find out whether your mayor is part of the network, visit the Mayors for Peace website. And if your mayor isn’t listed, request a meeting!


  • Prepare questions: Before the meeting, brainstorm some questions you would like to ask your mayor to determine how he or she feels about nuclear weapons.
  • Know your stuff: Find out more about the Mayors for Peace network so that you can answer any questions your mayor might have. You’ll need to sell the idea to him or her!
  • Be positive: Explain to your mayor that he or she can make a big difference by getting your city behind the cause. Joining is important but easy. (See action ideas below.)
  • Follow it up: If your mayor agrees to take part, make sure you follow it up after the meeting to ensure it happens. Instructions for joining are at


What mayors can do
  • Exhibition: Host a Mayors for Peace exhibition about the nuclear threat and worldwide efforts to achieve abolition at your town/city hall.
  • Peace pillar: Erect a peace pillar in a public place to focus the community’s attention on the urgent need to abolish nuclear weapons.
  • Hiroshima visit: Fund students from your city/municipality to visit the peace museums in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Commemorations: Hold a public event on 6 or 9 August to mark the anniversaries of the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

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