Make up your mind

Do you agree that eliminating nuclear weapons is as important as curbing climate change? Are nuclear weapons worse than all other types of weapons? Think hard about these and other similar questions – and then make up your mind! Have a go at justifying your position to your peers. And remember, this isn’t a place to criticize anybody else’s opinion.


  • Create an “opinion continuum” by placing a string across the floor of your classroom.
  • One end represents “strongly disagree” and the other represents “strongly agree”.
  • Read out a series of statements and get your classmates to line up along the string.
  • People who are neutral should stand in the middle and so on – all along the continuum.
  • Ask people to explain why they chose to stand where they’re standing.
  • Invite people to move if they have changed their minds based on arguments made.


[table style=”2″]

Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree



Sample topics
  • Nuclear weapons pose a serious threat to global security and human survival.
  • The risk of nuclear war is higher today than at any other time.
  • Nuclear weapons help to keep the peace so long as they’re in the right hands.
  • Nuclear weapons are worse than all other types of weapons.
  • All nuclear weapons should be dismantled without further delay.
  • It’s likely that nuclear weapons will be eliminated in coming decades.
  • Eliminating nuclear weapons is more important than curbing climate change.

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