Abolition online

There are many ways you can promote the abolition of nuclear weapons online – and you don’t even have to leave your house or classroom! You can use the internet to inform people about nuclear weapons, to generate support for a treaty that would ban them, and even to raise funds for nuclear weapons abolition. Here are some suggestions for online activism.


  • Create your own blog: You can create your own blog free of charge through websites such as Blogspot and WordPress. A blog would let you post your thoughts about eliminating nuclear weapons, as well as photos and videos to help convey your ideas.
  • Form a Facebook group: There are many applications on the social-networking site Facebook that you could use to promote nuclear weapons abolition. You could set up a “page” or “group” and invite your friends to join. You could then encourage them to invite their friends, allowing the movement to grow.
  • Discuss nuclear weapons: The internet is home to many discussion forums about peace and disarmament. Consider joining these to make your views heard. There are also chat rooms where you can do the same. Most major newspapers are now published online as well as in hard copy and enable you to post comments.
  • Make and post a movie: Many computers, particularly laptops, have a built-in video camera that allows you to record your thoughts in a movie. You can edit the movie using a program such as MovieMaker and upload it to a website like YouTube or DailyMotion.


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