Nuclear Ban Treaty Anniversary Toolkit

On July 7th, 2018 the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons turns one! We will be marking the occasion by celebrating the Treaty and what it stands for, how far we’ve come in one year, and highlighting local events from around the world.

Yay, Celebrations! What should that look like, what will you be doing? Photo-opps and selfies, rallies and protests, reports, cheerful tweets and #throwback photos to the negotiations on instagram: all forms of celebration are valid!   From ICAN’s primary accounts we will be sharing the materials below and amplifying any actions partners are taking around the world. So share yours on twitter, instagram or facebook using #nuclearban and we’ll do our best to give them lots of love on our accounts and on (and yes, it will be getting a bit of an anniversary themed overhaul and a live social media feed by Saturday).

What materials do you have for me?

We’ve made some materials to help you celebrate online or organise offline events of your own. If you want to translate the materials to your own language, we’ve included editable PDF versions for all materials. These a lot easier to work with than illustrator – so they could save you a lot of time – and nicer on the website because of their small size. If you use Adobe, then Acrobat ‘s Edit > Edit Text & Images feature.  If you don’t, here are other free pdf editors. If you really need the AI files, get in touch with Lucero.

    • An infographic that you can use on web or print out as a hand-out booklet. It’s a bit long, so scroll to the bottom of this page to see it in full glory. For print, it’s best printed landscape on A3, double sided and then folded accordion style, but A4 works too. We’ve included an anniversary themed version and a less time sensitive “your guide to a world without nuclear weapons” version.
      Download as: .png for web (vertical layout) and print (horizontal).

Want everything? Get your zip files right here! (Tip: Do this over wifi, these files are quite big )

Download jpg and png
Download .pdf (editable / suitable for print)

These materials are great! Who made them?  The fantastic designer and fellow ICAN campaigner Hrant Jaghinyan! Thanks Hrant, for all your hard work in getting all these materials just right.


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