Harm Done/Harm to Come

Australian uranium, the Fukushima catastrophe and the dangers of Indian nuclear power


Friday 15 August 2014, 6.30-8 pm
Melbourne City Conference Centre
333 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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International experts M. V. Ramana and Suzuki Tatsujiro are in Australia to share their knowledge of the nuclear chain issues, linking Australia to the realities of nuclear programs in both India and Japan.

The Indian nuclear program was started over six decades ago. Since then, the ruling parties have continued a long history of ambitious predictions about the role that nuclear energy would play in India’s electricity mix. These predictions have not materialized and nuclear energy contributes barely 2% of the country’s electricity capacity.

The Australian Government has plans to sell uranium to India, which remains one of nine nuclear-armed nations in the world today.

In Japan, more than 130,000 evacuated people are still unable to return home after the March 2011 earthquake which led to a devastating nuclear accident. The future of nuclear energy in Japan remains highly uncertain with decommissioning at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant facing unprecedented challenges.

This continuing crisis has direct relevance for Australia as the Fukushima reactors were loaded with Australian origin uranium at the time of the accident.


M. V. RAMANA Physicist at Princeton University in the Nuclear Futures Laboratory and with the Program on Science and Global Security.

SUZUKI TATSUJIRO Vice-Director at the Research Centre for Nuclear Weapons Abolition at Nagasaki University, & former Vice-Chairman of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission.

DAVE SWEENEY Nuclear Free Campaigner at the Australian Conservation Foundation.

For more information: Gem Romuld e: gem@icanw.org ph: 0421 955 066



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