Global Week of Action

From 10 to 17 February 2017, ICAN will organize a global week of action to raise public awareness of the upcoming nuclear ban treaty negotiations and to pressure governments to commit to participating and to work towards a strong and effective treaty. We will reach out to parliamentarians and the media. Activities will take place all over the world.

How can I participate in the Global Week of Action for a ban on nuclear weapons? 

1. Sign up to our Thunderclap, where a coordinated message to raise awareness of the treaty negotiations will go out on social media on 10th February – the start of the Global Week of Action. Help us by signing up here.

2. Call or email your Foreign Ministry to tell them to participate in the negotiations. You can find a simple email-tool here, or contact information to your governments representatives here.

3. Call your parliamentarians! Locate the phone number of your elected representatives and phone them to tell them that your country should participate in the negotiations of a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons. You can download talking points and arguments here.

In addition, we’ve put together a background document with some suggestions for actions that you might consider. With your understanding of your government, your local context as well as the strengths and resources of your organization, develop an activity that you think will have the maximum impact on raising awareness around the fact that negotiations are taking place and to get your government to announce their support.

Click here for ICAN’s background document for the Global Week of Action

Click here for ICAN’s talking points for “Why your country should participate in ban treaty negotiations?”


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