Structure and people

ICAN is a broad, inclusive campaign, focused on mobilizing civil society around the world to support the specific objective of negotiating a global nuclear weapon ban treaty. The ICAN international structure consists of partner organizations, an international steering group and an international staff team.

ICAN’s headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Staff team

Beatrice Fihn
Executive Director
Twitter: @beafihn

Daniel Högsta
Campaign Coordinator
Twitter: @dhogsta

Tim Wright
Treaty Coordinator
Twitter: @TimMilesWright

Céline Nahory
Operations Coordinator 
Twitter: @celinenahory

Lucero Oyarzun

Digital Campaign Coordinator
Twitter: @luceritooyarzun

Alicia Sanders-Zakre
Policy and Research Coordinator
Twitter: @azakre

Seth Shelden
United Nations Liaison
Twitter: @sethshelden

Liz Mullett
Administration and Finance Manager

Gayathri Nagasubramaniam
Content Intern

Nate Van Duzer
Policy and Research Intern

Contact a member of the staff team?
Phone: + 41 (0) 22 788 20 63

 International steering group

[show_hide title=”Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy“]

Location: London, United Kingdom
[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”African Council of Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace“]
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

[show_hide title=”Article 36“]

Location: London, United Kingdom

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War“]

Location: Boston, United States

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”Latin America Human Security Network“]

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”Norwegian People’s Aid“]

Location: Oslo, Norway

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”PAX“]

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”Peace Boat“]

Location: Tokyo, Japan

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”Swedish Physicians against Nuclear Weapons“]

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

[/show_hide] [show_hide title=”Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom“]

Location: New York, United States



Key documents

ICAN’s international structure →

ICAN’s statement of values →

ICAN safeguarding policies:
ICAN Safeguarding policy →
ICAN code of conduct  →

ICAN Ethical investment policy → 

ICAN’s Privacy Policy →

ICAN’s Child Protection Policy 



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