Campaign milestones 2010

19 April: ICAN United Kingdom launches disarmament animation

ICAN launches a short animation highlighting the uselessness of nuclear weapons in addressing any of today’s real security challenges – like terrorism and climate change. Money should instead be invested in schools, hospitals and renewable energy.


March: Cricket star Ian Chappell endorses ICAN

Australian cricket legend Ian Chappell, who was inducted into the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame in 2009, sends a message of support to ICAN:

“If we want our legacy to future generations to be one we’re proud of, then pushing for a world that is free from nuclear weapons would have an enormously positive effect. I support the work of ICAN.” – Ian Chappell


2 May: Thousands march through New York City

More than 15,000 protesters from around the world march through the streets of New York City in support of a treaty banning nuclear weapons. ICAN activists from France hold a banner calling for a world free from nuclear arms.


2 May: 26 million petition signatures submitted to UN

Campaigners from Japan present 26 million petition signatures to UN disarmament high commissioner Sergio Duarte on the eve of the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference. The petition calls for work to begin now on a global ban.


28 May: Governments endorse global nuclear ban

ICAN campaigners in New York call on governments to support a nuclear weapons convention at the five-yearly Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference. Two references to a convention are included in the final document.


4 June: UN Secretary-General supports ICAN

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sends a message of encouragement to ICAN: “Greetings from one of your strongest supporters … The movement to abolish nuclear weapons is on the right side of history. We will continue to fight for this great cause.”


5 June: ICAN holds its first global day of action

Thousands of people participate in 50 simultaneous events in 25 countries as part ICAN’s global day of action following the Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference. Our message: begin negotiations now on a nuclear weapons convention.


6 August: Video campaign to leaders initiated in Hiroshima

Students from Hiroshima get behind an ICAN initiative to create the world’s longest video chain letter, urging leaders of nuclear-armed states to abolish their nuclear arsenals. People around the world are encouraged to upload their own video “pleas”.


November: ICAN office established in Norway

An ICAN office is established in Oslo, Norway, with the support of a Norwegian government grant. Coordinators Nosizwe Baqwa, Anne Marte Skaland and Magnus Løvold urge their government to lead negotiations for a nuclear weapons ban.


December: ICAN launches study on support for a ban

ICAN releases its first detailed study on government policies relating to a nuclear weapons convention. It shows that 142 nations support the immediate commencement of negotiations on a ban, while 21 are “lukewarm” and 29 are “skeptical”.


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