Campaign meeting in Geneva

ICAN will hold a campaign meeting in Geneva in connection with the May session of the UN working group on nuclear disarmament. We will gather on Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May to strengthen our efforts to achieve a treaty banning nuclear weapons.

The meeting will take place at:

La Pastorale

106, Route de Ferney

1202 Geneve

Bus stop: Intercontinental


The meeting will discuss our campaign strategy, examine the legal gap and what provisions and elements a new treaty need to contain, campaigning methods and the way forward for our campaign to ban nuclear weapons.

A draft agenda of the campaigners meeting can be found here.

Aims for the UN working group

The UN working group does not include a formal negotiating mandate, but is tasked to “substantively address concrete effective legal measures, legal provisions and norms that will need to be concluded to attain and maintain a world without nuclear weapons”. To us, that means it’s time to talk in-depth about a ban on nuclear weapons.

We will encourage all nations to participate in the discussions, and will call on governments, in particular those that have endorsed the Humanitarian Pledge, to use it to begin the serious practical work of sketching out the elements for a new legal instrument prohibiting nuclear weapons.