Former UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon once said: “The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded.” By making a recurring donation to ICAN, you can help change this. Our “BANefactors” are generous individuals who donate a small sum of money each month for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear-armed nations spend over $100 billion ever year maintaining and upgrading their nuclear arsenals. We hope that you can spare just a few dollars to help ICAN build a safer world. If we fail to act, sooner or later our luck will run out – and the consequences will be catastrophic. Disarmament saves lives.

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Donate by phone:

Call (03) 9023 1958


Donate by cheque:

Please make your cheque payable to ICAN Australia and send it to:

ICAN Australia
PO Box 1379
Carlton VIC 3053


Donate by direct deposit:

Account name: ICAN Australia Inc
BSB: 633 000
Account number: 140361197
Born in Australia

With our small budget, we have already had a major impact on global policy-making. In 2017 we were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for our “ground-breaking efforts” to achieve a treaty-based prohibition on nuclear weapons. This was the first time the prize had ever gone to an Australian-born group or individual.

At the United Nations in July 2017, 122 governments voted to adopt the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. This new legal instrument provides a pathway forward at a time of alarming global crisis. Much work still lies ahead – and we need your help to ensure that the treaty achieves its aims.

Your donation will enable us to:

  • Coordinate campaign activities across Asia–Pacific – a region whose support will be crucial to the success of the treaty
  • Enlist the help of parliamentarians across the political spectrum to ensure that Australia signs and ratifies the treaty
  • Educate the public about the catastrophic consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and the importance of the treaty
  • Amplify the voices of Aboriginal and Pacific nuclear test survivors, including by facilitating their involvement in UN meetings
  • Safeguard the future of our shared planet and its many peoples.

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