ICAN Australia’s purposes

The objects of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Australia are:

  1. To work in Australia to promote the prevention of physical and emotional harm to human beings caused by the production, testing, use and threat of use of nuclear weapons.
  2. To examine and raise public awareness about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons.
  3. To educate and inform Australians of the need and means to abolish nuclear weapons, and of the work of the United Nations in the field of nuclear disarmament.
  4. To advertise and promote the activities of the Association, including by developing and disseminating educational and information materials in printed, written, aural, photographic, pictorial, video, electronic or any other format.
  5. To promote, conduct and participate in educational activities, including meetings, conferences, workshops, forums, lectures, debates, concerts, film screenings, performances and other events and activities to promote the objective of a world free of nuclear weapons.
  6. To build support for the campaign to abolish nuclear weapons through building partnerships with other Australian organizations; and to work in partnership with Australian organizations for common purposes.
  7. To promote in a non-partisan way negotiations for a convention, treaty or other comprehensive legal framework to eliminate and outlaw nuclear weapons.
  8. To make submissions to and maintain contact with the governments of the Commonwealth of Australia and its States and Territories, and local and municipal governments in order to promote the abolition of nuclear weapons.

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