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The Parliamentary Pledge

Australian parliamentarians are pledging to work for Australia to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Help us grow the list of signatories.

ICAN Cities Appeal

Cities and towns across Australia are endorsing the Cities Appeal and calling on the Government to sign and ratify the Treaty. Has your local Council joined the movement?

ICAN Australia shop

Wear it like you mean it! You can now order ICAN t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, tote bags and notebooks online. A portion of all sales comes to ICAN Australia to support our work.

Unions behind the ban

Australian unions have long championed campaigns for peace and nuclear disarmament. Now, they are putting their weight behind the push for Australia to join the ban.

The impact of nuclear weapons on Australia

For many Australians, nuclear weapons are not a distant, abstract threat, but a lived reality. Learn more about the impact of nuclear testing and uranium mining.

The work of Pacific Islands to ban nuclear weapons

Disarmament has long been a top priority for the Pacific region, which has suffered greatly from decades of nuclear testing. This page documents the unique contributions from Pacific Island states and peoples.

Australia’s conflicted position on disarmament

The Australian government has resisted calls to ban nuclear weapons, as it claims that US nuclear weapons enhance Australia’s security.

Widespread support in Australia for a ban

More than 100 Australian parliamentarians and 800 recipients of the Order of Australia have signed ICAN appeals to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons.

Learn more about ICAN’s work in Australia

ICAN originated in Melbourne in 2006. Since then, it has become a vibrant global campaign. Find out how you can become involved in our Australian activities.

Donate to the Tom Uren Memorial Fund

A passionate anti-nuclear and peace activist, Tom Uren fought all his political life against these immoral weapons. This fund carries on his legacy.

ICAN Australia in the media

Read ICAN Australia’s media releases and a list of news articles, journals and radio programs featuring our work to build public and political support for a ban in Australia.

[/table] With more than 60 diverse partner organisations nationwide, we aim to raise public awareness about the catastrophic humanitarian harm caused by nuclear weapons and put nuclear disarmament squarely on the Australian political agenda.

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