ICAN mural formed out of hundreds of messages demanding a ban on nuclear weapons

ICAN campaigners in Melbourne, Australia, created a Post-It note mural on the windows of the Fitzroy Legal Service near busy Brunswick Street to mark the International Day of Peace on Saturday 21 September 2013. Over six hours, passers-by wrote messages of peace on small notes and stuck them to the windows, creating an amazing 1500-strong Post-It note mural of the ICAN logo.

ICAN intern Mohamad Muzzamil, who helped construct the mural, said he thinks it was a great way to raise awareness of ICAN’s message that nuclear weapons should be banned. “This was something different. Instead of just rallying and handing out brochures, we created artwork and invited the public to get involved,” he said.

There was a lot of positive feedback and curiosity from passers-by, who shared their own anti-nuclear messages. Mohamad’s own message is that “every country should take real and concrete action towards nuclear disarmament instead of just talking about it”. By raising public awareness, the mural has contributed to ICAN’s efforts to pressure the Australian government to support a ban on nuclear weapons.

Story by Jessica Lawson. Video by Takeshi Kondo.