Farewell, Oslo! ¡Hasta Mexico!

19 March 2013

“We have succeeded in reframing the issue of nuclear weapons,” the Norwegian foreign minister, Espen Barth Eide, told representatives from 127 states, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and a range of UN agencies and civil society actors in Oslo on 5 March. Mexico had just announced its intention to host a follow-up to the Oslo conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, and everyone working for a treaty banning nuclear weapons knew that the game was on.

The Oslo conference provided ICAN with an opportunity to change the nuclear weapons discourse. It was a unique chance to work with the people who have experienced the all-too-real humanitarian effects of nuclear weapons, and to show to the media and governments that we are a coordinated, focused and energized movement, and we will not stop until we have a global ban treaty in place.

To seize this opportunity, ICAN organized a series of events in and around this conference. A preliminary online report from these events, including photos, videos, a list of participating organizations and an overview of the news coverage, is available available here. After Oslo, the question is no longer whether a treaty banning nuclear weapons will be achieved. From now on, the questions are when and how. The train has left the station, and we know that we have a very exciting journey ahead of us.


What’s next?

ICAN Campaigners Meeting, Geneva, 20–21 April 2013

To prepare for the upcoming conference in Mexico, and further develop our advocacy and lobbying skills, ICAN is inviting campaigners from all corners of the world to a global campaigners meeting in Geneva, 20–21 April. The meeting will take place immediately before the Preparatory Committee of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, where we will continue to build recognition of the unacceptable humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, and the need for a multilateral process of negotiations for a global ban treaty.

More information here →

Nuclear Abolition Week, 6–13 July 2013

ICAN received many requests to transform Nuclear Abolition Day into a week of action. To facilitate this international mobilization, ICAN will develop captivating ideas and an advocacy strategy to make this yearly event a great success.